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Velma Allen, AKA Vee Allen, is an educator, singer, songwriter and author whose career in education covers a 50-year period. Born and educated through her Master's degree in Mississippi , she moved to Michigan in 1972 to pursue a doctorate in Special Education Administration. She completed her doctorate in l974 and remained in Michigan where she held many positions in special education and health care administration. Throughout her life, Velma was passionate about music and began writing lyrics as a young girl and passing them on to her older brother Al Perkins who recorded many of her songs with the various artist he managed and produced.  

Her songs have been recorded by Dr. John, Little Milton, Al Hudson and One Way, Alicia Myers, and Candace Edwards and Al Perkins. Rather than pursue a recording career on a full-time basis herself, Velma opted to devote her time and energy to her educational career. She recorded a few songs in her spare time, but never opted for a full time music career. After retiring in 2008, Velma chose to spend more time writing songs and completing this memoir which provides a backstory to the lives of her well-known brothers and her mother. Other works are in process and, of course, songwriting is ongoing. Velma pas produced three CD's which are available through CDBaby. (what should this read?) 

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